Wednesday, May 17, 2006


-A political insider has revealed an unsubstanciated claim off the record which promises to shake the current administration's confidence in it's ability to retain it's base in the next round of elections. Policy wanks and expert anal-ists are speculating at record pace about a comprehensive plan which will no doubt be circulated in the next news cycle, which starts Saturday after the Preakness Stakes. Grassroots organizations are organizing all over the internets while smoking grass, growing roots in front of their computers whilst angry, and not taking it anymore. Peace and social justice in no doubt on the way except for the Iran thingy......developing......

-In related news, Britney Spears did it again, is pregnant, and still spells her name wrong.....developing.....

Monday, May 08, 2006


Oh you fucking Swedish meatball....You think we don't see just what the hell you and the Scottish knight bastard are up to? Never again should England employ a foreigner as coach of The Three Lions. Let's recap:

Sir Alex leaves the pissed off chav Wayne Rooney (England's number one threat) in the match vs. Chelsea (with the PORTUFUCKING-GUESE COACH) down 3-0 with ten minutes to go. PORTUFUCKING-GUESE defender Paulo Ferreira clips Rooney from behind. Broken foot. Bye Bye Rooney World Cup. Try again in 2010 England. So what's Sven's answer for a replacement?????

This kid....

No shit?
Never even played in a Premiership match.

-The Swede (Sweden is in the same group as England)
-The Scot (You've seen "Braveheart", I mean, come on!)
-The Portuguese (Also in the World Cup and rhymes with "sleeze".)
Perfect triangulation if ever there was a case.