Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dead Baby Jokes

You know, this Alito crap really got me thinking about abortion. I never in my life put much thought into it, simply because I don't care how women want to rationalise almost anything. It's a lost cause for the most part, and I don't have time to worry
about it. Roe vs. Wade is once again all the rage. Now it's up to me to cut through all the bs for you emotional and somewhat paranoid trainwrecks otherwise known as the modern Western woman. Here goes.....

1. IF RvW were ever overturned, you could still legally kill what's growing inside of you.

2. Most woman really don't know what an abortion is. Here is a nice gallery to show you (yes, it's a christian site, so if christians offend you more than what you're going to see, then don't bother. Those crazy christians). So you always thought if it was done in the first trimester, it was just some sort of blob being sucked out of your body? It isn't. That's the thing about the information age, we can correct previous assumptions quite easily. Before, it was just about controlling the language, along with young, immpressionable minds.

3. The question is: Is there a constitutional basis for the right to abortion? The answer is obviously no, it's not in the constitution. If you can find it, you also have the cure for cancer and you should be shot for not letting the rest of us know about it.

4. The main reason abortion will never be made illegal is money. It's quite the profitable industry. The monetary cost of an abortion has always been relatively low compared to other "healthcare" procedures. If you keep the price low, you can sell more. That's a universal economic fact. So don't worry about the "coat hanger" talk from "women's groups" which will follow Alito's confirmation. Anyway, those bitches are fucking CRAZY! Science needs bodies people. Just wait until someone claims "the constitutional right to CLONE". It's not too far down the road.

5. In conclusion, it's up to the individual woman and only that individual woman to decide if her baby will be terminated. They just need to know what it is they're doing, and the long term physical and psychological effects of doing so. After that, it's dead baby joke time!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Animal Farm

This is the most visceral political statement I've seen in quite awhile. I thought I would break my promise to stop posting, because this is just too good. Not to mention, it features the legendary local (Maryland) band "Clutch". I mean this smacks you right in your face, you stinking maggot! If you're a political robot (a Republican or Democrat), you just may short circuit. A video error message may come up, but it will still play.